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ScoreBig Review

The Rookie Dad did receive compensation by ScoreBig for this review, however that compensation did not in any way change my opinion of the service.

By now you already know that I am a big baseball fan, in fact I’m a big Colorado Rockies fan. Growing up in Kansas you would think that I would have turned out to be a Kansas City Royals fan however that is an argument that I really don’t want to get into now. When I found out that I would be going to Denver for a recent business trip, I knew almost immediately, that I would be hitting up a Rockies game. No matter what the cost.

That is when ScoreBig came to me asking me to try out their ticket service. To make it simple, I like to call it the Priceline for sports and concert tickets. The process is very easy. When you find the tickets that you want, you place your bid, and you wait to see if ScoreBig will accept or deny your bid. ScoreBig immediately accepted my bid. ScoreBig even has a little bar that will tell you the likelihood of your bid being accepted. I was able to score $75 tickets for only $50 bucks each.

The savings that I received from using ScoreBig was incredible because before they contacted me I wasn’t sure where I was going to sit or how much I was willing to spend. Score Big allowed me to get closer to my favorite baseball team, the Colorado Rockies.  The seats that I had were not only closer but they ended up on an aisle… how lucky am I!

ScoreBig - The Rookie Dad

When you are a Rookie Dad like myself and have a family on a budget being able to buy sports tickets cheaper than face value is a huge weight off my shoulders. The process is extremely smooth as well and I would use this service again.

You can visit ScoreBig Online or here is a list of their social media sites…

Bolf (that is no typo)

In our family we like to spend a lot of time outside.  That means a lot of time spending playing a game on the front yard (which looks like the Sahara desert right now).  New games are created when you have a two-year old that allow them to be able to play. On our lawn it is, Bolf!

The rules are simple. It is played with a baseball bat and a ball. It does not really matter what type of ball you play with really a basketball, softball, baseball, even a golf ball if you want to add to the difficulty of the game.

There is a pitcher who rolls the ball on the ground to the hitter who then can wait for the ball to stop and then hit it.  Once he hits the ball it is like baseball, three bases with home base and crossing means you score. Each side getting three outs and nine innings or holes whatever you choose to call it.

Now this is where it gets tricky, just like in golf lowest score wins.  The beauty of scoring this way the parents can hit the ball as hard as they want and score but the children who are not able to hit is as hard and run as fast will always win!

See how the game is played by a true Bolf player.

Bad Time to be Sick

When the kid is sick… you know the parent will eventually get sick! (© The Rookie Dad)

I love being a parent and would not take it back. In fact I had to turn my head so that Hot Mama could not see me with tears in my eyes as we watched as a baby was being born on one of our favorite TV shows last night. I do not know if I was reacting the way that I was because I miss that feeling of holding a child in my arms for the first time or if I knew exactly what they were going through. Nine months of preparation and suddenly within 12 hours your whole life changes.

There is one thing that has changed that I was not ready for. Getting sick, I am not talking about the Kid getting sick. I was prepared for that, what I was not prepared for though was that I would get sick. I guess the Boy Scouts did not teach me well, maybe that is why I was never an Eagle Scout. I was one that I had the strongest immune system around, I would never get sick. I have noticed now that I am getting the sniffles and coughs more so than earlier.

There would be no problem with this with the exception that this comes on the eve of a 3 generation trip to the MLB All-Star Fan Fest with Grandpa, the Kid, and myself. I can only hope that I am feeling good because I know that the Kid will see me make a fool of myself trying to re-enact the dramatic 3rd inning grand slam home run in 2002 that led my High School Junior Varsity baseball team to victory… which I will make sure there is no video of me trying to do that.

Bottom of the 9th… and look who is coming to bat!

It is the bottom of the 9th, Game 7 of the World Series is on-the-line.  The home team is down by a run with 2 outs and coach has a crucial decision bring up the veteran who is injured but willing to take a shot, or bring in the rookie.  Someone who has not seen playing time all during the playoffs.

Either way, this could be a decision he may regret so why leave it up to someone who is injured and blame it all on that.  He chooses the rookie.

The rookie steps into the on-deck circle and starts taking his practice swings.  His stomach in knots knowing full well that the game is on-the-line the moment he steps into the batters box.

The pressure rising, the batter before him walks! This could be his one moment in glory as with one swing of the bat he could win the game.  The Rookies body is tense as he steps into the box.  The pitcher staring down the plate as he looks for what his first pitch will be.

The wind-up and the pitch… fastball down the middle for a strike.

The Rookie backs out of the box shuffles his batting gloves and digs his back foot into the box.  The pitcher wipes the sweat from his face as he looks down at the Rookie who is more nervous than he is.

He begins his wind-up and throws a huge breaking curve-ball which the Rookie fouls off making the count 0-2. The crowd growing tense knowing full well that the game is now resting in the hands of an untested player.

© The Rookie Dad

Settling back in the Rookie’s stomach is in knots. The pitcher looking in thinking now that he has the game in his hands. The wind-up and the pitch… fastball, down the middle of the plate and low but out of nerves the Rookie swings and makes contact.  It wasn’t a pretty swing but it was enough to send it to deep right field.  The fans stand-up and cheer thinking it might be gone and the series is theirs.  The right fielder runs back to the wall and jumps up… the crowds gasps as the right fielder then falls to the ground not knowing if he has caught the ball or not.

© The Rookie Dad

With a sense of disappointment the Rookie stops between first and second base waiting for the call, the right fielder checks his glove drops his head and starts to walk slowly back to the dugout.  The umpire raises his hand in a circle motion indicated that the Rookie has just hit a walk-off home run in Game 7 of the World Series!

Oh what a feeling.

© The Rookie Dad

Now, if only this game wasn’t played in our backyard and in Dad’s imagination.

Men and Sports

I’m a huge sports fan.  Mainly college basketball and Major League Baseball.  My teams the KU Jayhawks and the Colorado Rockies.   I’m sure that many of my readers haven’t heard that the major rival team to the Jayhawks is leaving the conference to go to the SEC.    To keep the history of this rivalry short Kansas is mad at Missouri for raiding the city of Lawrence and killing women and children during the Civil War.  Missouri claims that Kansas was the first one to raid a city, however Kansas did not kill women and children… so pick who the jerks (my nice way of saying that) really are in that.  However, this is one of the deepest rivalries in all of sports.

Anyway, I was watching youtube video that some Missouri students created and for some reason I let this video get under my skin.  It dogged on my basketball team and honestly wasn’t created very well.   My first immediate thoughts were that, they have one good season and think they are better then everyone else.  I realized when watching it that I am a guy and into sports and that I’m going to defend my team to death.  I won’t show the video on here because I don’t want to promote their school in anyway shape or form.


Well because one I grew up watching the Hawks and Rockies.  I love these teams.   I consider them part of myself and who I am.   There lies the issue, I feel like the team is apart of my family.   I have high hopes for my teams and when they lose, I lose apart of that hope.   With every little bit of hope that is lost every lose hurts even more.

I used to be the guy who if my Hawks lost, I would need to go find something to do to get my mind off of it.   I took the losses hard, especially during March Madness or the Playoffs.  I hated and still hate losing.  That has since changed as I’ve gotten older and now I am able to for the most part shove a loss off to the side and forget about it.   I still hate to lose but I’m able to handle it a little bit better.

Speaking with my friend John over at Daddy’s In Charge he says;

It is all we have that is OURS

As men we need to have atleast one thing that is ours and for many of us including myself sports is that one thing that I have and am able to watch and enjoy.   I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy spending time with my wife and son, sports is just my way of escaping for an hour or two.

Maybe, I shouldn’t take sports as seriously as I do, but you know what that is what makes it fun.  People take it so seriously they feel their teams are apart of them and their family.  That will not change with me and honestly I am hope that the Kid has the same passion I have for sports, whether it is for KU or the Rockies I don’t care.  I just want him to love and enjoy playing/watching sports in the way that I do.


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