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Daddy Won’t Listen

Let’s go to Sonic! It is after eight you know!

For those who do not know Sonic has half priced shakes after 8pm.

Is a phrase that is uttered in our household quite a bit. It is typically a way for Hot Mama to have a moment of escape. We let the Kid run free at home for the twenty minutes it takes us to run to Sonic. Ok maybe not but there are times that I wish we did.

The other night was no exception to our Sonic trip. Hot Mama needed a coke after the Kid decided that turning hers upside down earlier in the day was a brilliant idea and she was unable to enjoy her sweet nectar from the gods. On the other hand, I am a big fan of their shakes, caramel banana, if you have not tried it yet try it! Typically when this happens we get the Kid either shake or a slush so we do not have to hear him yelling “PWEEESE” from the back seat.

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The Kid had already had a grape slush so there was no need to get him anything and the order for a large caramel banana shake and a large coke was placed. Our beautiful drinks were then handed to us and before I could even place my straw into my shake there is a voice coming from the passenger seat. It was the voice of a female, that is about all I remember. I later learn what was said,

Kid we are going to wait until we get home to have our drinks!”

I obviously did not hear this and continue to slide my straw into wonderful drink. It was coming up out of the lid so I had to take a sip, sweet caramel banana goodness, all is forgotten in the world and I am a trance.

Slap on the arm!

I look over and hear Hot Mama telling me that she said we are going to wait until we get home.

Why? My drink was over flowing. I had to drink some of it!”

Did you not hear me?

What was I supposed to hear because I didn’t hear anything.”

I said we are going to wait until we get home to have our drinks so that we can share with the Kid!

At this point I looked over and saw that Hot Mama had not even opened her straw. From the back seat all I hear is…


Oh god what have I started! The Kid wants my drink and I did not listen to my wife. This was a night that I was not going to win.

When we arrived home I let the Kid and Hot Mama out before pulling into the garage. They walk out and ahead of me. I think now is my shot! I pick up my shake look at it with loving eyes and take a sip. I look up and the Kid is looking at me with puppy dog eyes wanting it. Hot Mama is looking at me like I just committed a crime. I look around, damn there is no one to blame for this one but myself. I shrug my shoulders and say “sorry” as they make their way into the house.

As I walk into the house I hear,

Here you go! Mommy will give you a treat since daddy was so mean and doesn’t like to listen to mommy! He only hears what he wants!

I wonder if I am starting to develop a hearing problem? I also wonder if a doctor could write me a note that says I have one. Thanks Bill Engvall for giving me that idea.

Sonic was in no way a sponsor of this post. However if they would like to sponsor my blog… I would be more than happy to accept!

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Failure to be a Man

Taking a look back at this past week and looking at the many failures I committed (if that is the right word) there is one that came to me yesterday after having a conversation with a Twitter friend whom I have never met and is going through something very similar.

I have failed being a Man.

Not the type of man who loves watching sports, drinking beer, burping, and farting on the couch. But being a Man who is a positive example to my son and a good husband to Hot Mama. After coming home from work, I would just plop down in my recliner and just watch TV. I would not say a word, I would not play with my son, I would not look at my son, and I would not look at Hot Mama. That is not the type of Man that I want to be.

I think there is a moment in every man’s life where something clicks, the light turns on, and you realize how important your family is to you. For me that moment was this last night. How could I do this to my family, come home from work and not care about their feelings? I have been so wrapped up in my new 9-5 corporate job that was supposed to be better off for my family that it almost tore it apart. Last night as we sat on the step watching the Kid play basketball, the light turned on and it was not our porch lights as the sun faded in the distance. It was the light in my head, I saw all that was passing me by, all that I have missed. It was not me who was teaching the Kid how to throw a baseball but my wife, she should not have to do that, it should be me teaching him that. It should be me out there running around in the sprinkler with our clothes on, rolling around in the dirt, and finding bugs in the grass.

I know that things will not be fixed overnight and that I am going to have to work on coming home to play with my son and talk to Hot Mama. It should be something that I do not have to work on, the type of thing that I should have never put my self in the situation in the first place. This should not be difficult, it should be easy.

Here is to being a new Man and saying goodbye to the old one.

Dad to Dad

Well I am a failure again this week. I agreed to do a book review for Father’s Day on a book that I am sure many new/future/old dads may have wanted as a gift. But, being the father that I am, a 9-5 working man who has a busy home life, I never got around to reading it and only heard what my wife thought of it.

Only $10 on Barnes and Noble!

The book is Dad to Dad: Parenting like a Pro by David L. Hill. While I did get to read a few pages of this terrific book I know that I will be going back through and reading it all. This book is the What to Expect When You Are Expecting for dads. It is organized in much the same way but with writing that will make you laugh and keep you entertained. A full book review is out of the question since again I did not read it all. But from what I did read and what my wife told me, this book comes highly recommended.

David is a pediatrician and a lot of the things that he brought up about eating and vaccines actually put me and my wife at ease from some of the stuff we have heard in the past. It covers everything from birth to the teenage years.

Again this book can not come more highly recommended from me so if you are still looking for something for your dad, be sure to check out Dad to Dad: Parenting Like A Pro.

Time vs. Blog

Lately, I feel like there is just not enough time. It is not a result of the Kid though. Many parents of an 18 month old would blame it on them but I can not do that to him now. I can only put the blame on myself. Now that I am working 9-5 when I get home I just want to either A.) fall into my recliner and watch some sports or B.) play with my son. The last thing on my mind is my blog.

I have a book that I am supposed to be reviewing for this blog that I have not even gotten around to yet. The incentive is there for me to continue blogging. I am even involved with a great group of guys getting another blog started that you would think would give me the motivation to continue the up-keep of this blog. It hasn’t though.

I do not know if I have reached a period where the stories that I would be telling need the pictures or video to go along with it or I have peaked in in my storytelling. Which would mean that I need to get back into the habit of reading more to help stimulate the brain into telling the stories.

With my new job, I do sit at a computer more often during the day. Maybe that is part of the reason that I do not want to sit at a computer in the evening and blog. I will not lie, I have contemplated ending this blog only because how much time it is taking. I will not do that however because this has propelled me into being a dad that I could only dream of. I do not want to cut back on the amount of blogging that I do, which lately has not been a lot. I have already done that recently and do not want to change that.

It is all about balance, and now that I have changed careers my routine is messed up and I just have to find a new one that will work for me.

I apologize to my readers who have wondered where I am, because I know all of you have been deeply concerned.

Daddy Wake Up!

It has been a long day and I am tired. I tell Hot Mama that I am going to hit the hay and walk into the bedroom. I see what appears to be a huge pile of clothes on the bed that have yet to be folded.

This has become a normal thing, it has become very difficult to fold the laundry with the Kid playing around. He likes to think that he is helping, really though, he is just throwing the clothes into the middle of the living room and unfolding all the clothes that we (I should just say Hot Mama) have folded.

I was tired, so I just crawl on my side of the bed not folding the clothes and leaving them on Hot Mama’s side of the bed. She comes in five minutes after I have laid down and starts to fold the clothes and throwing my clothes on top of me so I will actually fold them. I have a tendency to just throw them on the floor and will just pick up what I am going to wear that day off the floor. As a result of the laundry not being folded before I was going to bed, I end up actually getting to bed an hour after I actually said I was going to drift off into a peaceful sleep. This has also become the norm in the house.

We finally end up hitting the sack and I drift off into my dreams of Mila Kunis. Only an hour into my slumber, I hear this whine coming from the baby monitor. Naturally, I go to turn off the noise. When I do this I open the door so that way I can still hear the Kid. I guess that I was so tired that I drifted off to sleep again and 15 minutes later Hot Mama is nudging me to get up. Again, I must have been really tired because not even that worked. What happened next, I do not remember.

What I do remember though is waking up next to a baby kicking me in the back as my alarm is yelling at me to wake up since it is 7am. I asked Hot Mama why he was laying with us, she ends up telling me that I did not wake up and she was hoping that maybe I would wake up when she brought the Kid into our bed.

Guess that did not happen!  I am sorry to have failed you both Hot Mama and Kid!


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